Awkward truth or dare questions

Want to play the awkward truth or dare questions game? If yes you will need as many questions or dares as possible so that you don’t run out of things to say while at the middle of the game. You should indeed be having or knowing quite a number of truth or dares so that you always have questions to ask other players if you have decided to play this interesting and enjoyable party game.

Awkward truth or dare questions are not funny or interesting but seem to be weird. They are truths or dares that look weird and that most people are uncomfortable with. Whether they look weird or not you sometimes have to ask them other players when you are playing this game.

Below is a list of some awkward truth or dare questions to ask someone but you can also read here and here for 101 truths or dares that can be posed to anyone.

Awkward truth questions

  1. Why is the sun very far and yet too hot?
  2. Is McDonalds owned by a man called Macdonald?
  3. Why is cooking gas so heavy when inside the cylinder and yet can’t be seen when it comes out?
  4. Why do birds of the same feathers flock together?
  5. Is life insurance cover a guarantee against death? Is someone spared of death if they have life insurance cover?
  6. Why do human beings have different skin colors?
  7. Is the white house white in color?
  8. Why is the England national team called the three lions
  9. Would you feel pain if I step on you with my boots on?
  10. Have you ever got a common cold?

Awkward dare questions

  1. Run in the street shouting how happy you are
  2. Apply as much vegetable fat on your face as possible and go outside
  3. Exchange a tooth brush with a friend and use it
  4. Wash a garment and iron it immediately you take it out of the water
  5. Tell everyone they look horrible
  6. Water your garden while it is raining heavily
  7. Misplace items in supermarket shelves
  8. Go to a police station and claim you are a fugitive
  9. Plead with a bank cashier to deposit an extra free amount into your account
  10. Go to a hospital ward and say “this place looks horrible”