Good Dares For Truth Or Dare

Truth or dare is undoubtedly one of the best games ever that teenagers, children and adults like playing. This game very much exciting and fun to play with friends and is not only a way of passing time but also keeping yourself engaged and be positive. By playing this game, you can have as much fun as you want while at the same time keeping boredom at bay.

You can play this game on sleepovers, college parties and birthdays to name some few and it really is interesting to take part in. the game is very much addictive and one would want to keep on playing but the only problem is that people run out of ideas on what to ask or say. There are so many dares you can ask while playing this game with friends or other players and I would be listing a number of them here.

The next time you want to play this great party game, check out the following list of dares you can pose to others;

1. Watch movies for 12 hours without a break
2. Go out and cry loudly in public
3. Kiss the person sitting next to you
4. Tell a guy/girl you love them loudly in a public place
5. Swear to someone that you would kill them
6. Approach a stranger and ask whether he/she could lend you some money
7. Board a train/bus and refuse to pay the fare
8. Eat one raw onion
9. Go to the kitchen eat something that is not meant to be eaten (like table salt)
10. Eat something from the toilet seat
11. Go for a whole week without taking birth
12. Lock yourself in a room (away from people) for 7 days
13. Talk bad of everyone that comes your way
14. Take your shirt off and go outside while raining heavily
15. Tell someone “you know what? You are the ugliest person I have came across in my lifetime”
16. Go to a supermarket and disarrange stuff in the shelves
17. Use someone else’s underwear or tooth brush